Welcome to Supreme Cleaning Services

  • Supermarket cleaning and polishing.
  • Stripping and polishing of resilient floors.
  • Industrial concrete scrubbing.
  • Cleaning and sealing of old and new concrete floors.
  • Machine sweeping of car parks, factories etc.
  • Regular cleaning and servicing of retail car parks and associated areas.
  • Vinyl floor stripping and polishing
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Industrial Scrubbing
  • Industrial Cleaning

We are a “one stop“ cleaning service, if we can’t provide the service ourselves we have trusted associate Companies that will be able to.

We use only the best products available, we use only the correct chemical for the job and the correct amount, no overkill.

The Pentra–sil and Pentra-Guard concrete sealers we use are the very best available with very low VOC levels making them safe for people and our environment .

We are available 24 hours 7 days per by arrangement to suit your requirements.






Supermarket Cleaning & Floor Polishing


Stripping & Polishing Vinyl Floors

Industrial Concrete Scrubbing